Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Jun 11, 2024

Summer heat can be tough on our pets since they can't cool down as efficiently as humans. Whether your pets have fur, feathers, or scales, they’re all at risk of overheating. Here are some essential tips to help your pets stay comfortable and safe during the hot months.

1. Recognise Heat Stress Signs

Be vigilant for symptoms of heat stress like excessive panting, restlessness, vomiting, and 'brick red' gums. Acting quickly can save your pet's life.

2. Provide Plenty of Water

Ensure your pets have access to lots of cool, fresh water. Use multiple plastic or terracotta bowls or buckets, add ice cubes, and take cold water and a bowl with you on outings.

3. Use Fans and Air Conditioning

Keep fans or the air conditioner running throughout the day, especially during peak heat times, to maintain a cool environment for your pets.

4. Time Exercise Wisely

Avoid exercising your pets during the hottest part of the day. Early mornings or late evenings are the best times for walks and play.

5. Never Leave Pets in Cars

Never leave your pets in a car, regardless of the season. In summer, pets can overheat and die within minutes in a hot vehicle.

6. Avoid Overexertion

Skip intense activities like ball or frisbee play. Make sure your pets don't overexert themselves in the heat.

7. Provide Shady Spots and Cool Surfaces

Make sure your pets have access to shade and cool surfaces like indoor tiles or a cool garage floor to lie on.

8. Protect Paws from Hot Surfaces

Avoid walking your pets on hot pavements or roads that can burn their paw pads. Stick to grassy areas when possible.

9. Keep Pets Inside on Hot Days

Don’t tether your pets or leave them outside on extremely hot days. Ensure they have a cool indoor spot to relax.

10. Extra Care for Vulnerable Pets

Give special attention to pets with short noses, older pets, or those that are overweight as they are more susceptible to heat stress.

Special Care for Brachycephalic Pets

Pets with short faces like French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, Pekingese, Persians, and Himalayans need extra care. These breeds are at a high risk of heat stroke due to their compromised breathing abilities. Even a slight increase in temperature or humidity can lead to an emergency.

Watch for Symptoms

Look out for excessive panting, dark 'brick red' gums, restlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, or collapse.

Immediate Actions

If you notice any of these signs, immediately wet your pet down with cool water, place them in front of a fan or air conditioner, and head to your nearest vet. Call the vet on your way for additional advice.